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Máy nén khí trục vít Nhật Bản - KOBELCO

Giá: Liên hệ

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Gian hàng: Công ty TNHH TBCN Tân Đại Phú Sỹ ( Vào gian hàng )

Địa chỉ: 243/20 Chu Văn An, P.12, Q.Bình Thạnh, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

Điện thoại: +84-083-5164841 0913483733

Chú ý: Thông tin sản phẩm chỉ mang tính tham khảo, bạn hãy liên lạc trực tiếp với gian hàng để có được thông tin chính xác về sản phẩm.

We _ TAN DAI PHU SY Co.,Ltd_ would like to say thank you for your visiting our website www.tandaiphusy.com.vn and send our regards to you.


We have been being the authority distributor in delivery and maintenance for KOBELCO air compressor in Viet Nam market, and got 15 years experience in service many from small to big air compressors for hundreds companies with strict rules and standards come from Japan and others. In this condition, it makes us to have an ability that is to give customers satisfactions.

This satisfaction ability is based on our back-up equipments, stocked spare parts and specially our service teams who are professional in not only knowledge, performances, skills but also their mind in working. Therefore, we can satisfy customers in:

  1. Supply equipments:
    • Supply Kobelco air compressors in many types and kinds as: oil flooded, oil free, water cooled, air cooled, inverter etc.
    • Air cleaned system such as: dryer, filter, desiccant dryer… with branch name: ORION, CKD, LODE STAR etc.
    • Delivery any volume and material of air receive tank.
    • Supply other industrial equipments: Power generator, Nitrogen generator, vacuum pump, air hand-carry tools.
  2.  Spare parts replacement, repair and maintenance:
    • Replace spare parts for air compressors: filter, cooler, bearing…
    • Maintain and repair equipments.
    • Rent air compressor.
  3. Consultant, design and install piping system:
    • Advise ideas for using air compressor system in optimum condition:  the existing system and future system.
    • Design, install and construct air-piping systems in factory.

With only one guideline “OFFER CUSTOMER THE SATISFACTION”, we guarantee to offer customer quality equipments, good services for having a good image in customer mind and an unshakable co-operation.


Yours sincerely,


Nguyen Ha _ Deputy Director

Handphone: 0913483733

E-mail: nguyenha@tandaiphusy.com.vn.

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